Reusing voice


I need to morph the voice. I have an audio in which voice is there. Now i need to record a conversation with another voice and morph the recorded conversation with the voice from the audio.

Please guide suggest if it can be done in the audacity software or else suggest me another software fit for my requirements.


You’re going to need to get more specific. It sounds suspiciously like you’re trying to bring a bad Skype recording back to life by artificially recreating the live ping pong conversation in the studio. That’s perfectly valid, but we can’t “morph” anything. If you don’t have access to both clean voice tracks, that’s the end of the show.

I recently did a “Double Ender” where one of our producers called up an interviewer and they did a chat on the electric telephone. Both locations also recorded each participant on studio equipment. I was the recordist in LA. I sent my studio quality sound file to the interviewer and they cut the whole thing together into a show that sounded like both parties were in the same studio and not thousands of miles apart. Nobody had to get on a jet or drive for hours and nobody at home had to listen to bubbly Skype voices.


You can fake a ping pong conversation in post production, but I’m trying to think of a good way to do it with the minimum of fuss. You can use the Overdubbing tools working a second conversation against the first, but chances of getting each exchange to exactly match in time is almost zero and it doesn’t matter whose software you use.

I’d probably use overdubbing anyway and then use the time shift tools to push things around so they match.

Overdubbing produces two separate tracks, one voice on one side and the other voice on a second track. You can pull out time by drag-deleting and add time with the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows).

Pretend you are the guitar working against the existing drum track, except both of your tracks are variable in time, whereas a real drum track isn’t.

Is that what you’re after?


The other more painful way to do it is cold read the whole new voice and copy/cut and paste your brains out. That does work. Koz

I have my aunt voice which is recorded during telephone conversation. Now I want to create conversation with my voice (male) later in that few sentences i want to change it to my aunt voice. Now I cannot ask her to talk about this conversation so. I want to reuse that voice frequency from the previously recorded conversation for creating new conversation. It will be plain conversation no background kind of stuff will be involved.

I hope you got my requirement.