Retrieving recovery file after perpetual crash

Hi folks,

First of all, indescribable thanks to the developers and other crew on this project. I’m a hobbyist podcaster of 10 years, recently turning professional, and I’d probably be in the gutter with addiction problems if it weren’t for you guys.

My 8 year old PC might be giving out, causing Audacity to crash 1 hour into a 3 hour podcast edit. I allowed it to send one bug report, but it asks me to every time I “recover projects” before crashing again. What’s the most reliable way I can salvage these temporary restore files from my Linux Mint system to possibly transfer them to my sub-par Windows 7 laptop to continue editing?

Furthermore, does an angel exist out there who can glance at this bug report and tell me is it the fault of this Audacity instance, my system, or (unlikely to tell) my PC itself?

As soon as an unforeseen financial circumstance either resolves or I recover from it, I am definitely donating to this project. It’s the squeaky wheel that gets oiled, it seems. I’ve taken advantage of this project for too long. (14.8 KB)

Audacity does not currently send bug reports.
Audacity may generate a bug report (like the one that you attached) but it is not sent anywhere, it is saved to your computer only.

The Linux operating system may send a bug report to distro maintainers, but we don’t get to see those.

The best way is to select the “Recover” option and hope that the automatic recovery succeeds. Automatic recovery usually works very well.

If automatic recovery fails, then the project is probably so badly damaged that recovery is not possible. In such cases the best thing to do is to cut your losses and let Audacity do a clean-up. Exit Audacity, restart, and when prompted about recovery, tell it to delete the mess. Be careful about using this option because it is final and permanent - once the failed project has been deleted, it is gone forever.

If Audacity does succeed in recovering the project, I would highly recommend exporting in WAV format straight away so that you have a WAV file backup.
If your project has multiple tracks, back up each track individually by selecting each track in turn and using “Export Selected”.