Retrieving recordings from data files

I used Audacity to record a concert and the file with the full recordings was deleted by someone and now I only have the data files. They appear to be all the recordings broken into 12 second clips. Is there any way to get the original recordings back from the data files? I am a new user and not sure of how it was installed.

The AUP file is not “the full show.” It’s the directory of how to put the little au files back together into a concert.

Disaster recovery got very much better in the later versions of Audacity.


Do you have the AUP file of the same name as the _data folder? If so, open the AUP file. In case it was moved, search the computer for it.

Without the AUP (assuming there was no Audacity crash, so no recovery file either) , it will be hard work to reconstruct the recording. See for how it can be done with no AUP file.