Retrieving an older version of a file

OS X EL Captain 10.11.4 (MacBook Pro)

Hi, I am not good at technology so hopefully this all makes sense. Wondering if I can receive previous saved data from a file? The new saved project has deleted the main audio file I need that I have been editing so wondering if there is any way possible to get it back?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Connect your backup drive, launch Time Machine (clock icon in the top menu bar) and roll the Mac back to a time when the file was still alive.

Without that, we need to find out a little more about the show. I can’t follow “save data from a deleted audio file.”

What’s the show? Is it a live performance or podcast that you are now editing before posting? Did you make a backup sound file from the original performance? It’s a common mistake to record a show and then do all the editing and post production on that one file.

One mistake and that’s the end of the world.

It sounds like you got or recorded a show and you were using Audacity to cut it and do post production. Do you still have that file? Audacity doesn’t delete external sound files unless you intentionally recorded over it. That’s another common mistake.

If you got lucky and didn’t step on it, you still have it. Search for the filename.


If you use WAV or AIFF files, set the Import / Export Preferences to “Make a copy of uncompressed audio files before editing (safer)”. Then your imported files will be copied into project.