retrieve data from mini disc / probl enreg depuis mini disc


I can’t rec any sound from my mini disc. In fact, it even seems that no sound is processed by the software. How can retrieve my sound data from my mini disc ?

I use the last version of audacity 2.0.3, and windows 7

the mini disc is connected to the correct line entry ( the green plug )

The preferences are set like this :
host : MME Play : speaker ( Realtek High definition ) Rec : Line (realtek High definition ) Canals : 2

thank you very much for your help



Je n’arrive pas à enregistrer mon mini disc dans audacity. Le son ne semble pas même arriver dans le logiciel. Comment puis-je procéder pour récupérer le son de mon mini-disc ?

Je viens de télécharger le nouveau audacity 2.0.3, je suis sous windows 7

le mini disc est bien branché sur l’entrée ligne de ma carte mère ( prise verte )

La config est de l’interface est actuellement la suivante :
hôte : MME Lecture : Haut-parleurs ( Realtek High definition ) Enregictrement : Entrée ligne (realtek High definition ) Canaux : 2 (stéréo)

Merci pour votre aide


The international standard is green for audio out, blue for line-in, pink for microphone in. So you may be connecting to the wrong computer jack.



thanks for your answer.

Sorry i made a mistake when i wrote my message. I actually meant blue. ( The green is the out line for the speakers i just had plugged again right before i wrote my message. Hence the switch in my mind between blue and green ! )

In the meanwhile I managed to get the sound of my mini disc. I still don’t really know why it works now…

I just find the level of the sound quite low… any tips to enchance the quality and level of the sound ?


Turn up the input level on the Audacity Mixer Toolbar, or in the Recording tab of “Sound” in Windows (right-click over the line-in > Properties then choose the “Levels” tab).

If your computer has an S/PDIF input you will avoid loss of quality by connecting from digital out of your MiniDisc player to S/PDIF in of the computer using a coaxial or TOSLINK cable as specified in the player manual.