Retime (Time Track) Labels?

I’m working on a read-along project for kids. I spent a lot of time creating labels that match an audio file, so the designers would import the labels and the text would be highlighted as it’s being read.
Now, the client sent us a new, slower audio file, so the kids would have more time to follow the words… It’s exactly the same file, just slowed down.
Is there a way I can retime my labels? I tried applying a time track to the labels track, but it doesn’t change their time stamp.
Thanks a lot!

If there’s not too many of them, you can click on the circle on the label stem and drag it to the correct place.
Alternatively you could modify the times in the label editor:

If there are a lot of labels, and you know the correct times for the labels, it may be quicker to export the labels as a text file and modify them in a spreadsheet, then import them back into Audacity:

Thanks for the advice. I guess I’ll have to do it one by one.
I was wondering if there was a way to apply a scale or retime to the track. Since I know exactly how the audio file changed.

How exactly has the audio file changed?

It was retimed +3 seconds.

Do you still have the original project with the original audio and labels?

Yeah. I have it.

OK, open the original project, and use “File menu > Save Project As” and give it a new name (if we mess up, you will still have the original).

Ensure that your label tack(s) are at the bottom, below all audio tracks. If necessary, use the Label track’s drop down menu to move the label track(s) to the bottom.

From the “Tracks” menu, enable “Sync-Lock Tracks”

“Ctrl + A” to select all. Notice that “clocks” appear in the grey background of all tracks, indicating that they are “sync-locked”.

From the Effect menu, select “Change Speed”, and set the “New Length” to 3 seconds more than the “Current Length”, and click “OK”.
All tracks, including labels, should now stretch proportionally.

The label track(s) may now be exported, or whatever you want to do with them.

Oh, man. That’s awesome! That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot! You saved me hours!