restoring program files

I have audacity 2.0.4 (not sure about .exe or zip)

OK – so I had an hour long piece of audio saved as jimmy moore.aup. Before opening audacity I went into my files from my desktop and changed that file name to 'episode6.aup" but did nothing else.

I made some changes and added some other audio tracks into the newly named episode6.aup – saved and closed.
I just went in to open the file and I got the message that there were missing audio files due to “a bug, system crash, or accidental deletion.”

All of the audio files are still there but they’re in the jimmy moore_data folder. I know NOW to not rename stuff – just to save a new file. So my question is – how can I get all 400 of those tiny audio files put back together without having to manually go in and copy and paste all 400 files together? Thanks.

Slightly Panicked

I would have expected you would get "could not find “episode6_data”.

If it had worked as I expected, you would rename “jimmy moore_data” to “episode6_data”.

I suggest you open the episode6.aup again, tell us every message you see, then attach the log. To do that, choose Help > Show Log… then choose Log > Save… . Please see here for how to attach files: .