restore defaut settings for noise removal

I borked up all the sliders for the noise removal effect in Audacity and now it doesn’t matter what file I load or how many times I close Audacity, the sliders are borked!!! is there any way to return them to default??? noise removal won’t work now!!!

This page in the manual will show you the default settings (our policy in the manual is to show default settings for effects, analyzers and generators) :

There is currently no mechanism in Audacity to restore the defaults - but curiuosly the QA elves have recently been discussing either the possibility of a marker in the effect or a restore defaults button. See this thread:

You can your 2c. worth there or just addd a vote in a post if you wish.


hi there, i’av got the same problem audacity. the settings that i’ve setup on audacity plugin’s go back into default. and only when i do the batch file process that is doesn’t load the settings that i’ve saved. when i click close and can’t press apply either with won’t load the settings i’ve set. can this please be fixed?

also i can not go to the manual it’s forbidding me.

thank you

I presume that you are referring to the same issue that I replied to here:

If you mean the on-line manual (Audacity Manual) then you will need to take that up with the IT administrator responsible for your Internet access.
If you mean the manual included in the Windows installer, then you may need to log in with the same account as was used when installing Audacity.

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