Restore Audacity to Default Settings

I accidently messed with the center grey line and now it it completely flatlined and when I record something it sounds like it’s faraway. How do I get the waveform back and complete default settings? I even tried unistall and reinstalling and it still went to the way it was before. Thanks.

Resinstalling Audacity doesn’t reset Audacity.


It certainly does on Windows 7 if you install from the .exe (not from the zip).

There is a checkbox in the install dialog that need to be checked for the reset to be initiated.


I think Koz meant “only” reinstalling does not reset Audacity. You have to manually select the “Reset Preferences” option as described in the link.

And it would be much better if we had a “Reset Preferences” function as we have been asking for for a long time now.

It can’t be too hard to do surely …


I am terrible with computers but what do you mean the .exe (not from the zip) mean?

Also I read I can delete the cfg file intead of reinstalling. Is that true? Where do I find that file on Windows 7?

Thanks for the help guys.

On the Sourceforge download page:

you get the choice to “run the installer” which is an .exe file, an executable image (a program essentially)

or you can use the zip file - you have to unzip this with a suitable application (like WinZip for example)


See this page in the manual (about halfway down):