Ressaut intempestifs

hello. I read books for the blind. I repeatedly have these “peaks” marked in red, without being able to identify the cause. I thought it was my helmet but apparently not. Do you have an idea ? Thank you for your help. Jean Marc
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Impossible de déterminer de quoi il s’agit à partir d’une image de la forme d’onde: besoin d’attacher du son.

Merci de votre réponse
Je vais m’y atteler !

Est-ce que cela suffira ?

No. I don’t know what this is. :confused: It appears that a short burst of a 50-cycle wave is somehow infiltrating your audio, and each occurrence is eerily similar.

Effect > EQ and Filters > High-Pass Filter > 70Hz, 48dB seems to effectively remove it without altering the other audio. :smiley:

I’m also surprised at the similarity and the frequency…and I really don’t see…So I have to clean by noise reduction, then “manually” if I don’t want a too nasal voice

Je suis aussi surpris de la similarité et de la fréquence…et je ne vois vraiment pas…Du coup, je suis obligé de nettoyer par réduction de bruit, puis “manuellement” si je ne veux pas une voix trop nasillarde

I just tested with oceanaudio…same problem…So it’s either my headphones or my pc!

Je viens de tester avec oceanaudio ==> même problème ==> soit mon casque soit mon PC

c’est le PC ==> essai avec un autre casque !
it’ s the PC… :confused:

Apparently it only occurs when you are not speaking,

so could be an “audio enhancement” like echo-reduction or noise-gate.
Disable all audio enhancements, e.g. Windows own and/or MaxxAudio, (or similar)
only when not speaking.png

That was it! Really, thank you ! JM
C’était bien celà ! vraiment, Merci ! JM

Well no…I thought it worked, but back to square one with the same “jumps”…

Eh bien non…j’'ai cru que cela marchait, mais retour à la case départ avec les mêmes “ressauts”…

There can be two layers of audio enhancements: Windows & MaxxAudio (or similar).
All audio enhancements should be disabled for a faithful recording.

Windows I found… but for the others never installed, how do I find them? In any case, thank you!

The HP computer can come with MaxxAudio already installed,
you don’t need to uninstall, just switch it off.

PC (HP) too old (10 years) … no trace inside of a program of this type (afterwards, to be complete I am not a great specialist …) As I have the same concern with another audacity type software, and another helmet, it comes from the microphone!

A predecessor to MaxxAudio was called beats audio …

Thank you … I would have learned something. I found the page in French, but after re-testing, it does not change my basic problem…Really I wonder where it comes from…this problem is quite recent (a few months)

Windows updates can reset audio enhancements to default, (on by default).

If I’m correct, a recording/microphone enhancement responsible, rather that a playback enhancement.