Resonanace on recorded voice

Hello everybody,

Could you help me on how to “clean” this voice from this resonaance usisng Audacity please? Is it possible? It will be used on a video clip.


Sorry. using OS X 10.10.2 and Audacity 2.0.6

Audacity 2.0.6 does not officially support Yosemite. The next 2.1.0 version of Audacity will do so. I suggest you subscribe at the bottom of then we will e-mail you when 2.1.0 is released.

You can’t generally remove reverberation from a recording unless you spend a lot of money on professional plugins.

If you want to try it in Audacity, try selecting a small piece of reverberation after one of the sentences ends. Open Noise Removal and click Get Noise Profile then reopen Noise Removal and try a small amount of noise reduction.

You may find the long gaps between the sentences sound too “dead”. If so you can try less reduction or you can apply the reduction only to the voice and the reverberation that comes immediately after a sentence.


Thanks for answering Gale. I’ll try noise removal and let you know if that helps.

Thanks again!

Echo and reverberation is difficult to remove because it’s really the performer’s voice reflecting from the walls. So you are not trying to remove a foreign sound. You are asking the software to remove the performer from herself.

Noise Removal with a carefully chosen piece of reverberation for the noise profile does somewhat improve that recording.