[Résolu] Album art audio files

The audio in the MP4 is likely of similar quality to the M4A. It’s the video in the MP4 that is adding to the file size.

Oops, M4a is not a vidéo format ! :unamused:
Ok it works, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter keeps the album art, plus the good quality. Very well.
Until now I don’t manage to extract and put again this image with Mp3Tag, but maybe later I will…
I do soon the summary
Thanks !

It has to be an MP3 file, but it’s very simple - click to select the MP3 file in the list, then right-click over the image area bottom left of the program.


That’s it, I’ve written a summary.
But I don’t understand anything to this very simple Mp3tag program… maybe it is to simple ?! :confused:
I’ve to find a tuto.
Well, thanks a lot for all ! :smiley: