Resizing tracks not saved

I’ve resized the tracks on this project and saved in the last session, but when I opened it in this session, I had to repeat the resizing again.

That’s a bug in Audacity 2.3.3. It has been fixed in the next release version.

How can I get around this?

How many tracks in your projects?
What size do you want to resize them to?

I usually work with about 5 to 10 tracks and I want to specifically resize them to just show the gain controls. I don’t need pan. I know that there is an option to automatically resize to height. That doesn’t work. I’ll just wait for the next version.

Here’s a Nyquist plug-in that will resize all of the tracks in a project to a specified size.
Audacity default size is 120. You probably need a size of around 88.

Installation instructions for Nyquist Plug-ins:
Resize-Tracks.ny (585 Bytes)

Those are the installation instructions. What’s the name of the plug-in that I need? Is it an effect or a generator plug-in?

Can you not see the attachment in my previous post?
The plug-in file is “Resize-Tracks.ny”.
The name of the plug-in is “Resize Tracks”.
It is a “tool” type plug-in, and will appear in the Tools menu.

No. I did not see it. It got lost to my eye.

Have you got it now? The forum is still saying that it is “Not downloaded yet”.

Hey! Are you spyin’ on me?

I’m reading the pages on Nyquist first. I’ve just installed new versions of Audacity and Musescore this week. So I’m getting set up. Nyquist or any kind of installation to Audacity is new to me, so I’ll take my time. The pages say something about previewing or checking the Nyquist files or the program. I better be careful? There’s a lot of material to look through in those pages.

:smiley: No, but I see this on my previous post:


ha ha. Well. I’ll get to this after I’ve had time to read the instructions. I’ve got a load of stuff that needs to be done, between my new operating systems, Audacity, Musescore and my projects. I’m probably going to want to install some other Nyquists and also some VST’s on Musescore. Does Audacity use VST?

On Windows, Audacity supports 32-bit VST effects, but not VSTi (VST instruments) and not VST3 or 64-bit VST.

Copy protection in some VST effects prevents them from working in Audacity. For example the proprietor y “ilok” dongle is not supported.

More info in the manual:

On macOS, “AU plug-ins” are more commonly used than VST, and on Linux “LV2 plug-ins” are generally the best choice.

Nyquist plug-ins are supported on all platforms.

Steve - Does this bug exist in 2.3.2?

I think it’s only in 2.3.3. It’s fixed in 2.4.0 which is due for release soon.
Does the plug-in that I made for you not provide a suitable workaround until 2.4.0 becomes available?

I think I’d rather have the real thing. I’m scheduled to do a lot of work on my projects this week and i have to have resizing. But I don’t have time to read through all of the Nyquist instructions and then it’s probably only a makeshift deal. Like, I’ll have to select each track and add resizing as an effect. I think it would be simpler given my time constraints to just install a bugless version, because I know how to do that already.

You don’t need to read through a lot of instructions to install and use that plug-in.
Installation is very easy if you use the “Nyquist Plug-in Installer” (ignore the part about installing manually):

Once installed, the plug-in can be enabled in the “Plug-in Manager”:

The “Resize Tracks” plug-in will then appear in Audacity’s “Tools” menu.

The plug-in is easy enough to use without a manual. It’s only got one control. When run, all tracks in the current project are resized to the specified height.

(You could have installed the plug-in in about the same time that it took to read this post :wink:)

Steve - You could have installed this plug in in the time it takes to read this post. I’m me. If I could do it without instructions, why did you link me to the instructions page? Is the previous version without this bug?

I don’t see any download for the installer. Does the previous edition of Audacity have this bug?