Resizing the Audacity window

The window that displays audacity has expanded to cover the entire computer screen. How do I reduce it back to the size it was; it took up half the screen and I could view my voice scripts on the other side of the computer screen.

Can you reach the green ball in the upper left? That’s a size toggle.


If there is no green ball, use COMMAND + / to exit Audacity Full Screen.


The green ball reduces it maybe 15%. I need it to go back to it’s original size which is about 50% of where it is now. I tried command+, using four fingers, but nothing happened. Am I doing it right?

COMMAND and , (comma, what you wrote) opens Audacity Preferences.

I suggest not using trackpads. Use your real computer mouse to click the green button. When the green button has made the Audacity window smaller, use your real computer mouse to drag the window at the bottom right corner. Drag leftwards and upwards to make the window smaller.