Resizing All dock / toolbar icons

I use windows vista 64. Audacity 2.1.1. My (crashed) windows 7 loaded Audacity with much larger fonts / icons in the tool bars area, and I now strain my eyes to edit. How can I re-size the tool bars to be more friendly (Or at least the Tools ans Edit tool bars.

Change the DPI in “Appearance and Personalization” in the Windows Control Panel. Audacity has no settings for this.


Thanks Gale, the personalization DPI change works for everything except the icons… but we tried. :>)

Unfortunately Audacity is not fully DPI-aware.

Did you use the link in the Control Panel to “Set custom text size (DPI)” then uncheck “Use Windows XP style DPI Scaling”? Unchecking this uses the graphics card to scale up the application rather than using the XP Theming system. It’s the best choice for applications that are not fully DPI-aware so I think this might enlarge the Audacity toolbar icons too (I have not tried it). But it will make any elements that are not DPI-aware rather blurry.

You must have Aero enabled to be able to uncheck XP scaling.

Otherwise, have you tried Windows Magnifier?

Which buttons do you want to use? You can use keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking icons. See Keyboard Shortcut Reference - Audacity Manual.