I am re-posting this thread to eliminate the problems I created in making the installer. When I first compiled the .iss file, I misunderstood some manipulations I needed to do and resulted in some errors. Now the major hurdle is over. I still got an error. During the compilation using Inno, it indicated that the Source: “resetPrefs.txt” in the audacity/win directory does not exist. It really does not exist. I commented it out to get it to compile. Anyway, where do I get this “resetPrefs.txt” so that I can insert it into the win directory?

There is no need for you to make an installer.

Remember, if you distribute an ASIO-enabled build of Audacity, with or without an installer, you will be breaching our licence.

The resetPrefs.txt file is in the /win directory in our source code: Audacity only looks for the name of that file, not the contents, so you can just create an empty file of that name.


Understood. Thanks for the info. Everything is fine now.
However, I have one more question. I am not a programmer. Could you educate me under what situation you would use the release version and the debug version of audacity? It seems to me both record and play with the same behavior. Debug means to find out the problems. What problems are there to find out? There is no installer for the debug version, correct?

The debug version is slower to respond because it performs checks and tests while running.

We have placed tests in the code that only debug versions see, to let us know if there is a potential code problem. If one of these tests fails, then the debug version will throw an “assertion error” and wait for a response from the user before continuing. The problem may not cause a crash, in which case a release version of Audacity would continue without the user being aware of any problem.

You could write an ISS file that installed a debug version of Audacity. However without providing extra libraries with the installer, debug Audacity would not run on machines that lacked the version of Visual Studio that Audacity was built with.