Reset cursor after labelling

I find that I have to back up to reset the cursor after setting or editing a label. Is this some better way to do this?

What does that mean? Please describe step by step what you are doing and what you see.

I’m trying to be concise. I use a touchpad. There is the laptop cursor and there is the Audacity cursor. The Audacity cursor can be placed anywhere in the track. The cursor moves when I hit Play and stops when I hit Stop. It’s pretty easy to move the cursor. When I set a label with Ctl+B, the cursor moves into the label box. After labeling, I have to move the cursor back into the track, but it does not move automatically into the place it was when just before I labeled. There ought to be a one step process to leap directly back into the track at the precise point where I was previously editing. I am not able to do that. to get out of the label box, I have to reset my laptop cursor manually into the track. But it will not reset at the pint of the previous position. I have to manually place the laptop cursor into any other point in the track. Am I making a mistake? Does this work differently with a mouse?

It requires two key presses:

  1. “Enter” (closes the label text)
  2. “Up” cursor (moves focus back to the audio track)

Thanx. That’s a lot easier. Should I be replying when the correct answer is given? Or should I stop posting when the problem is solved, so that the last post is the answer? Or is it OK to say “Thank you?”

It’s always good to post and say what solved the issue. Doing so can help others that have the same problem, and it’s nice for the person that posted the solution to get feedback that their proposed solution worked.

In topics where multiple solutions are offered, then just a quick “Thank you. works for me.” serves to highlight the solution and thanks the person that posted it.

OK. Let me try that. Thanks for telling me how to thanks people. It’s kind of weird, because it’s off topic! :mrgreen: