Research: request for interviews

Hi everyone,

My name is Victor Girotto, and I’m a computer science PhD candidate at Arizona State University. I am very interested in supporting creativity in distributed groups, such as those working in open source projects. My current research aims to understand how the medium used for this collaboration, such as discussion forums and mailing lists, affects the creative output of these groups.

I’d like to invite you to participate in an interview. This interview will last for at most 1 hour, and will be conducted through video conferencing. In it, I’ll simply ask you questions about your experiences collaborating with the community. Interview participants will be compensated with a $10 Amazon gift card. I will be conducting interviews throughout this week.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this very brief form and I’ll get in touch with you: I can’t guarantee that if you sign up you will be interviewed, but I’ll do my best to accommodate as many participants as possible.

All your information will be private, and your name will not be stored in association with the data. If you have any concerns about privacy, I’ll be glad to answer any questions.

I have looked for the place I judged most appropriate for this post, but if you think there is a better place for me to post this, I’ll gladly post it over there. Or if you think this type of post is not appropriate at all, I apologize. I will not insist on it and it may be deleted according to the discretion of the managers.

Best regards,

Victor Girotto

Roundtable, or are you doing a one-on-one interview? Do you provide a list of questions so we don’t sound like fools in real time? I for one come off much better in printed text than in spoken word, so the forum works for me.

Can you do it in printed text? The forum works in semi-real time across 9 time zones and the response is much better than most unsupervised forums.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. You can run the printed answers through a text to speech converter and you’ll have your interview.

Piece of cake.