Rescan Audio isn't recognizing my USB converter for cassette

I have my cassette deck RCA outputs left/right plugged into a Dazzle DVC-80 “Digital Video Creator” (I am not using the Video input on it). Then I have the DVC-80 output USB plugged into my laptop (my laptop has no line-in mic, unfortunately, but I want to record stereo anyway). When I have all this plugged in together, I can see that the Dazzle is receiving power through the USB 2.0 port, and I know that the tape deck is definitely sending out audio (I’m listening to it through the cassette deck’s headphone jack), but I CANNOT get Audacity to recognize the DVC-80 as the input select. I have used Rescan Audio Devices many times to no avail. Audacity is clearly recording, because it is recording my voice with the laptop’s built-in camera mic.

Then I realized that I probably need the driver for the Dazzle. Is that what is missing in this chain? I tried downloading that, but I’m having some issues :frowning:

I have Audacity 2.1.0 running on Windows 8.1.


I am not using the Video input on it

You may not be using it, but it’s there in the bitstream anyway. Audacity does not recognize video devices.

I use the Behringer UCA202 pure audio converter.

Dig in the Dazzle and see if there is a provision to turn off the video and use it as a pure audio device.


Thanks for the quick reply! Okay, I’ll look to see if the Dazzle has the option to switch off the video and do audio conversion only. The Dazzle belongs to a friend of mine and he doesn’t think that Pinnacle/Dazzle supports the DVC-80 in Win 8.1, so I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get to a software control panel to change anything on the Dazzle.

I do know of the Behringer unit, and I may have to put that on my shopping list :slight_smile:


If you do have a tower you can get a conversion cable like this to use the blue Stereo Line-In on the sound card from Dazzle headphones out. Many laptops are missing the blue connection and the pink Mic-In doesn’t make a good substitute.

This presupposes your soundcard works perfectly. Of my three, only two work really well and the third is noisy.


Well it does, but only if they have a separate audio stream with no video in it, like some USB web cam’s do.