Rescan Audio Devices causes a crash


This problem is happening to me randomly since I started using Audacity under GNU/Linux (about 10 years ago). With version 2.1.2 it’s still there.

When I select from main menu Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, Audacity has a big chance of crashing. I got used to that and I always save my work before using that option.

I guess it might have something to do with JACK audio server, as I’m using it all the time.

I tried reporting a bug, but seems that getting access to Audacity’s bug tracking system is not easy, so I’m here.

I wasn’t able to purposely reproduce this right now to give any more detail.
Can anybody confirm this behavior?

I’m running Linux Mint 18 KDE 5 64-bit at the moment.

If you have a bug to report, you do it here or by writing to our feedback address.

We can’t open Audacity Bugzilla to the general public because we don’t have the resources to manage the 95% non-bugs/already fixed bugs that would be reported (most of our users are on Windows, and there are a lot of Linux users on older versions of Audacity).

JACK issues are tracked here Steve can comment when he sees this as he uses JACK, but Rescan is given as a workaround for connecting to newly added JACK ports, so it is not known that the Rescan crashes under JACK.

Clicking in the recording meter to start monitoring may crash Audacity if it has not yet used JACK for playback or recording in that session.

Does Rescan ever crash when JACK is not connected then you launch Audacity?