resampling question.

Hi all … my first post.

I use Audacity to strip out the 2 channel tracks from .ts file (produced by my Hauppauge Nova-T500 recording Freeview TV and radio). The extracted audio is usually an mp2 file with a sample rate of 48KHz and a bit rate of 256Kbps. Once the track is in Audacity I use the resample option under ‘Tools’ to down the sample rate to 44.1KHz for writing to an audio CD. Before I export the resampled track 2-channel I changed the ‘Project Rate’ in the bottom left of the Audacity window to 44.1KHz.
I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit + Audacity versopm 2.0.0

Do I need to go through both steps or will just the change to the ‘Project Rate’ on export also resample the track to 44.1KHz in the same way as if I had gone through the ‘Tools - Resample’ process?


The manual says: “Changing this value immediately changes the sample rate at which new tracks will be recorded or generated, and at which existing tracks will be played back, mixed or exported.”

I’ve not tried it, but I assume the manual is correct.

– Bill

You only need one of those steps. If you also do Tracks > Resample then the export is quicker because the resampling is already done.


Thx for the responses.

I suppose its because I didn’t see any message or window that said it was re-sampling on just exporting but with the ‘Project Rate’ changed. I did an experiment last night & both files produced were the same physical size and also were showing as the same length of time … just don’t trust my ‘tin’ ears. I had read the wiki but didn’t see ‘exported’ … doh!

Case closed.