Rerecording over track

Newbie here, so sorry if this is a stupid question:

If I record myself singing a part of a song, but I screw up – how do I go back and rerecord parts of that track? Everytime I press the record button, it creates a new track for me, and I end up having to sing the whole part all over again, hoping I don’t screw up.

(p.s. I’m using version 1.2.4)


In A, each time you hit the red button, you start recording a new track. Once you hit stop, you’re done with that track forever except for effects and editing. If you hit pause while recording, you can hit it again and continue recording.

A better approach would be what big studios do, so I’ve been told, and what I do as well. It’s sometimes very difficult to get a “perfect” take of a vocal, guitar part, whatever. Start recording and, if you goof, keep going throught to the end and hit stop. If you have background music or a click track to listen to while singing, mute what you just recorded, and record a second performance on another track. I usually do this at least three times for each instrument and vocal.

Now the fun stuff starts! Solo each track and listen. When you hear a goof, stop, highlight the goof, and silence it. You may want to take care in selecting so that your eventual “mixed” performance flows smoothly, e.g breath sounds. Do this with each take you have recorded and, hopefully, you will have enough non-goofs to cover the entire vocal performance. At some point you may need to choose which good part to keep. Once you’re satisfied, highlight all the tracks and do a quick mix to create one vocal track that has no goofs. Voila!

I have heard experienced engineers say that in some studios the vocalist may sing the song twenty times and the engineers and producer use the above procedure to make a perfect vocal track.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for that tip! It’s a great idea, and that’s probably what I’ll do. I’m just used to working with protools where I can easily go back and rerecord when necessary.

Do you know if the newer versions of Audacity will allow the rerecording?

Thanks again :slight_smile: