requesting assistance for several problems.

wednesday 24 august 2022
4.30 pm

hello audacity help forum,

i am requesting assistance for several problems.
i am using audacity 3.1.3
on a 27" 2015 apple imac using monterey 12.5.1

there is frequent stalling, a rainbow pinwheel appears,
with each edit or motion i attempt on an audacity track.
annoyed, i save and close the file
to avoid the file from crashing and loosing my changes.
foto a- img_9823.jpg
when i reopen this file there appears a choice list
of versions from which to reopen, discard, skip, or quit.
meanwhile i noticed in the file’s location that there are the two parts:
there is audacity file icon and the temporary part
which disappears when the file is saved and closed.
this indicates the file is actually still open yet disconnecting.
foto b- img_9819b.jpg
mysteriously there is now a faint graph like gauge in the track’s background
which seems to restrict my editing selection options.
i do not know what it is, why and how it got there, nor how to delete it.
possibly it is a result of my inadvertently selecting the envelope tool.
foto c- img_9820.jpg
thank you for your assistance. i look forward to your response.

victor holness.[/color]

clicking on the

button gets you out of envelope tool …

See this topic: Audacity lagging on new iMac

jademan: could this be the “millions of envelope points” problem?
– Bill

Curiously, I didn’t see that before. But I think that bug was corrected in 3.05.

Victor, when you run Help > About Audacity, what version comes up?

hello jademan and bill,
i am running audacity 3.1.3.

I have never seen that “ghost image” of the waveform. In your “foto c” the editing tool (I-beam) is selected, so you should just see the waveform as modified by the envelope tool.

You may have a corrupted project. Can you export each track as a WAV or AIF and import them into a new project?

– Bill

friday 26 august 2022

hello bill,
thank you for your export the tracks as a wav or aif advice.
hopefully the export will resolve the extremely slowness problem as well.
there is definitely corruption of some kind involved in my audacity project.