Request Youtube links - vocal tracks only

Hi there,

I was searching Youtube for Audacity tutorials and stumbled on one quick example which was a tutorial on laying down tracks. Track 1 was a vocal base, track 2 a vocal melody etc etc.
Anyway I wanted it to show my daughter, who is learning Audacity (she’s 10). Unfortunately I cant find it anymore.

I was hoping you might be able to post links from any video sharing site of tutorials that can achieve this (I know how but just wanted something containing a semi-pop/nice song so she can view)

It doesnt have to be complex but a nice song or part of would be great (think Pitch perfect)

Anyway thank you


We do not recommend looking at YouTube tutorials about Audacity. Many are for obsolete versions of Audacity but do not say what version of Audacity they are using, and are never updated for current Audacity.

A significant proportion of YouTube tutorials are wrong or misleading even if they are current.

Vocal base and melody is the same as music bed and vocal melody - overdubbing. Have you had a look at There is a link in that FAQ to a written tutorial too.