Request: Speed Up or Slow Down feature in Audacity without an audio losing its Tonal Identity

This is a forum-independent question. However example shall be drawn from the Open Source projects like VLC Media Player of MPV player.

Also, I use Debian and Knoppix systems only. I posted this query on the Windows Category for Maximum Visibility.

In these players, the [ or ] square braces(brackets) are used multiple times if required to slow down or speed up the playing speed of an audio file respectively. However, the tonal identity of the audio isn’t changed. Say for instance, the voice of John remains easily identified as that of John, of Larry that of Larry, despite speeding up or slowing down of the tempo of the file.

However, in audacity such a tool doesn’t appear to be available. I might be mistaken. Please correct me, if I am.

Could I be guided in this regard please? Could the source code and the algorithm for the above-mentioned option be studied and incorporated in Audacity please?

Thank you, Mr. Trebor. Yes, it works as intended. I am extremely happy to have been shown to be incorrect.

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