Request: Normalize Multiple

I would like a Normalize Multiple similar to the Export Multiple command that splits on labels.

I can’t picture that. Please describe what that would do, how it would be used, and why it is needed.

When I download a full album I separate it into individual tunes using Split Delete and label each tune. I would then like to normalize each tune before using export multiple to save each tune.

What would normally be done, would be to normalize the entire track in one go. This will maintain the relative levels of each song, so that the levels sound right when the songs are played in sequence (as when playing the album). Normally this is preferable to normalizing each song individually.

If an album has one track that is quieter than the other songs, and is meant to be quieter, then by normalizing all tracks together, the quiet song will still be quiet relative to the other tracks. If on the other hand you normalized each song separately, the quiet track will be amplified more than the other tracks, and will no longer be “the quiet track”.

If you really do want to normalize each song separately, then an easy way to do it:

  1. Export multiple
  2. Start a new project
  3. Import all of the exported songs (they will appear one above the other)
  4. Select All (Ctrl + A)
  5. Normalize - each track is normalized individually to the selected level
  6. Export multiple (based on tracks)

I understand Steve’s position about normalizing the entire album before splitting to maintain the original dynamic balance between songs. However, I too often want to normalize each track individually. In my (highly) customized version of Audacity I added this feature:
it was just a few lines of code.