Request: Minor Gui Change: Preferences, Directories

as stated in the Topic, i’m asking for a small change in the Preferences/Directories part of the Gui.
I would probably never notice this, but today i updated the Audacity to the latest V2.4.2 but this time i uninstalled the previous
version (which was placed in the Program files), and installed it on the d: Drive.
Then is started checking the Settings, until i came to the directories, and didn’t liked the default place (which was on the ssd card, in the users folder.

So i wanted to change it, but the destination folder did not exists yet (In this case it was the D:\temp\AudacityTempData) and so the button Choose
got covered by the label text.
(In the attached screenshot i have added 2 screenshots of the Gui, sticked together.

In the lower part is the problem demonstrated. (At first i did’nt noticed the lower part of the button).

So i’m asking for a change in this part of the gui: Swap the Label and Button position.

So it does :astonished:
That’s a bug.

The next version of Audacity has additional directory options, and the problem that you describe does not occur. This screenshot is from the development version after I’ve entered a non-existent location for the temp folder:


Great news, thank you.