Request help removing bass buzz on version 2.2.2

Hi! I’ve been lurking on the forum for quite awhile, learning tons of good stuff. Thank you for your great, easy-to-use product!! :smiley:

I recently recorded some music on my keyboard through a Scarlett Solo interface, and can’t seem to get rid of the low-frequency hum. It’s not constant – it’s like a bass buzz that comes and goes suddenly with certain chords. Tried compression, normalize, and limiter (if I’ve done them right), but nothing seems to work. Maybe I’m recording at too high a volume?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Sample attached.

Wedding mix2.aup (8.35 KB)

I can’t hear any buzz on that mp3. It could just be an acoustic resonance effect on your particular playback device.

Playing a test-sweep could reveal any peculiar resonances in your loudspeakers / headphones,
e.g. …