request for headphone rec [closed]

I need to buy a new set of headphones but I really can’t spend more than $100. I mostly just need them for working with Audacity, and, listening to music. Does anyone have any recommendations (must be Bluetooth compatible)? Thank you.

(must be Bluetooth compatible)

I had some ideas until right there. I’m not crazy about making sound decisions and editing on headphones which can run out of battery or have ratty connections. In my opinion, that’s just begging for trouble.


I’d suggest that you split your budget and get the best studio monitor headphones that you can afford, plus a cheap pair of bluetooth headphones.

There are a lot of reasonable quality studio headphones for around $100.
“Superlux” are a lesser known budget brand that offer great value for money.
“AKG”, “Audio-Technica”, “beyerdynamic”, Mackie", “Samson”, “Shure”, “Sony”, Yamaha", and other major brands all do good headphones in this price range.

Things to consider:

  • “Comfort” is a major consideration. It’s impossible to tell how comfortable headphones will be without trying them.
  • Avoid “earbud” heaadphones for mixing.
  • Avoid bluetooth headphones for mixing.
  • Avoid “noise cancelling” headphones for mixing.
  • If you intend to use while recording with a mic, “closed back” or “semi-closed” are generally preferred over “open back” as they will usually spill less sound back into the microphone.
  • “Open back” are often preferred for mixing due to lighter weight, cooler to wear, more open / natural sound, ability to hear external sounds.
  • When on a budget, shop around. Prices can vary a lot.

Also, quite a good article on the subject here:

Thank you! I’ll use my current headphones for Bluetooth, but look for a non-Bluetooth for mixing.

I wouldn’t use Bluetooth for Audacity --I tried it. There is about a three second lag (waveform rolling, but no sound) which is no big deal, that is until you are stopping and starting a million times while mastering, and then it becomes cumulative, really adds up time-wasting wise.

Also, bluetooth headphones are often made to sound “nice” rather than “accurate”. While that may improve listening pleasure for casual listening, it can be unhelpfully deceptive when mixing or mastering.

I’ll close this topic now, as this kind of topic tends to attract spam.
Good luck with your headphone shopping :slight_smile: