Request for Expert Audacity Opinion


I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.3.3.

I was asked to evaluate the audio track on some Webex video recordings created by a non-native English speaking colleague of mine to see if I can enhance the audio to make it clearer/easier to understand. Thus, I took one of his Webex .wrf recording files, converted it to a WMV using a Webex converter app, imported the WMV into Camtasia, and exported the audio as a WAV file.

I’m trying to determine what, if any, enhancements can be made in Audacity to possibly improve the quality of this audio. However, I suspect that because the speaker a) is non-native English speaking & b) wasn’t using the best quality audio recording device, very little may be possible in Audacity to improve this audio, but I would certainly benefit from the advice of an expert Audacity user in evaluating/confirming this!

If you’re interested and able, please let me know and I can upload a short 30-second excerpt of the WAV file for you to render your expert opinion.

Thanks so much!

If it’s mono WAV, the forum will cut you off at 20 seconds. If it’s stereo,10 seconds.

Yes. Post it. Try to find a segment with a little silence in there, not just constant talking or music.


Your posts have to be read by a forum elf before they become visible. Don’t double post.


Thanks so much for your offer to help, but I no longer need any help with this. Sorry for bother!