Request for envelope editor

I make frequent use of envelopes.
To finetune them I have to edit directly the .aup file.

	<envelope numpoints="6">
		<controlpoint t="0.000000000000" val="0.101694941521"/>
		<controlpoint t="98.920181543428" val="1.000000000000"/>
		<controlpoint t="301.701269509724" val="1.000000000000"/>
		<controlpoint t="302.529127154408" val="0.688888907433"/>
		<controlpoint t="405.932069773834" val="0.688888907433"/>
		<controlpoint t="407.411645138799" val="0.511111140251"/>

Is it possible to have:
Double click on envelope controlpoint enables maually editing the ‘t’ and ‘val’ pair
a ‘spreadheet’ like possibility to manually edit the controlpoint values-pairs

There is an existing “feature request” logged for “Text input for accuracy of control point placement”. Would you like me to add your vote for that feature?

Neither of those are currently possible, but when the new “Audacity 3.0.0” is released it becomes possible to create a plug-ins to import / export labels.
I assume that if you could export labels as CSV and then import them again, that would be helpful for you(?)

Hi Steve,

I was thinking more along the lines of a ‘properties’ pane (e.g. Scribus, Gimp, Inkscape, Musescore)
You select an entity (track, point of an envelope, clip of audio) and the relevant properties of that entry are displayed and can be edited.
That would make future features better manageable in a recognisable, simple and consistent way.
Exporting to CSV and importing from CSV is ‘sub-optimal’…