Reprogram the ACX Check plugin to output to Text File?

I’m an Audiobook narrator, and the “ACX Check plugin” is a godsend.

Problem is, the plugin only outputs to a message box–in the middle of the Audacity screen.

Thus, if i have a folder full of 30 WAV files, and I want to check if they all pass ACX, then, I can run the macro. But the macro will stop at each WAV file and show me the “OK box” And, it won’t progress to the next file until i press OK.

Is there anyway i can get the ACX Check plugin to output its results to a TEXT file?

I’m a programmer and I see that it’s written in Nyquist. Is it worth it for me to go to UpWork and request a “Nyquist programmer” to attempt to alter this code? So that it will only output to a test file and not on screen.

outputs to a message box–in the middle of the Audacity screen.

Right. Which is what most casual users and all new users want.

I’m a programmer

So you know re-direct to a text file isn’t the big deal, is the loop and repeat—predictably with escapes here and there.

“I accidentally turned it loose on a folder with 5000 files. Make it stoooooooop!”

ACX Check was written by flynwill. It’s a collection of other people’s existing tools. I wrote the instructions how to ACX Test the old way. As Robert Benchley once said the first time he saw the New York State Tax Code: “Don’t be silly.”

So maybe Flynwill is up to a new challenge. I’ll ping him and see.

As a fine, upstanding member of the support community, I may insist you set up the automation each time. There’s just nothing like a New User horrified that ACX-Check “seems” to have failed.


I’m afraid I have no idea how to modify the tool to send its output to a text file instead of the pop-up window, or if that is even possible (perhaps the Nyquist experts here can say). My Lisp programming skills are pretty minimal, ACX-Check was created out of bits and pieces of other existing plug-ins.

My instinct is that if you want a batch tool, it should be written outside of Audacity. Python would probably be a good choice as I know there are libraries to read/write .wav files as well as a lot of libraries for mathematical analysis.

Thousands would appreciate it if possible.
I’d be willing to pay
Is there a sub forum here where I would post this job?

It probably is possible but,

  1. I don’t have time to work on this right now as we are gearing up to release Audacity 2.3.1
  2. Audacity 2.3.1 would be better for this than earlier versions of Audacity because of new features that have been added.

@boonman, feel free to send me a PM after Audacity 2.3.1 has been released to remind me about this (see the “Contact” link under my name on the right).