Reproducible Bug in Audacity 3.3.2 for Mac (Apple Silicon)

Audacity reliably crashes each time under the following conditions:
– Music has been recorded from USB Audio Source (in my case: AudioTechnica AT-LP120-USB Vinyl Player)
– Record is shown in Audacity window but has not yet been saved
– Audio source has been turned off
– You try to export part of the recorded audio to your SSD as mp3

The Bug bites in the moment that you try to enter a file name. Audacity then crashes and shows an error warning as soon as you reopen it. Nevertheless in most cases it is able to continue just at the point it had been before the crash. Now it will behave as if nothing happened. You can mark the songs you want to save (and really save them successfully). Only in rare cases you’ll have to re-record the entire LP.

One workaround is to never turn off the LP player, or audio source, as long as you haven’t exported all your songs. Considered the minimal energy consumption of a standalone LP digitizer like the AT-LP120 this might be the most simple thing to. Another way would be to save the entire LP to disk as an AUP project before turning the source off. I think that’s less convenient.

Testing on macOS 12.6/3 Monterey with Audacity 3.3.2

I cannot reproduce this - I get no crazh when I change the target filename for export - and then the MP3 file exports properly - and can be readily and properly imported into a project (or the already open project).


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