Reporting a bug: Recording does not stop!

For an experiment, I am trying to play a sound (e.g. chrip: 100:2000 Hz) in a laboratory device and record the reflected sound on a new track (using Audacity 3.2.1). When the length of the source track (and so the recorded one) is set on 3 or more seconds, audacity works appropriately. However, if a track with length of 1 second is played and recorded, the recording process does not stop automatically; and I should stop it manually. Please help me to solve the problem.

Why do you think it should it stop automatically?

Probably because Audacity is suppose to stop playback / recording at the end of the selected region, and apparently still does “When the length of the source track (and so the recorded one) is set on 3 or more seconds”.

I don’t see this issue on Linux.

Because it stops when the track length is set to e.g. 3 seconds!
I do not understand the effect of sampling duration on this issue.

It is interesting. I am on Windows 10.

The behavior seems inconsistent to me. There is now a bug report for this issue:

Testing on W10 with 3.2.1 this only fails for me if the initial track is not selected .

If the initial track is fully selected then the new track recording properly stops recording after reaching the end of the initial track.

This is exactly how the old-Manual has said it is supposed to work:
And my testing on W10 confirms that to be the case.

It’s also a key factor in Steve’s punch-in tutorial:


Thank you very much!
I tested again; however, unfortunately it doesn’t work even by selecting the track (with a duration equal or less than 1 second).

Thank you so much

I just tested again on W10 with 3.2.1 with a selection of less than one second and it worked fine
less than one second recording on a new track to match selection.png

Thank you, Peter. Also, note:


This problem is similar to “Play Cut Preview” does not exit “play mode” #3792 for which a fix has been tested here:

If you wish to test to see if this problem is gone in this build, download the very last Artifact at the bottom of the latter page and test. Note this is a test build and may contain serious errors and/or experimental software. Do NOT run this on any production. But if you do do this, please report back your findings. :smiley:

As I am not expert in this area, I prefer to wait for a new version of Audacity, or continue with stopping the recording manually! :slight_smile: