Replicate ausio cassette recording


I wonder if anyone in the forum can help me with this query, please redirect if not in the right forum. I am using Windows 7 and just downloaded the latest Audacity portable version:

I have a cassette where the top safety tab has been removed which allows one to play, on a cassette player, a prerecorded voice and then to record my own voice next to it to on the cassette’s other track which can be erased over and over again, it is used for language learning and practicing pronunciation.

Can this be replicated using Audacity, in other words a digital equivalent - a native speaker’s words or phrases recorded which cannot be erased and then enough silence next to it so that I can record my own voice in that “space” to enable me to hear the difference but which can be erased and recorded over as many times as needed to get it right.

Hope that makes sense.

Any help and advice will be much appreciated.

Audacity is a multi-track audio editor, so what you describe is possible.
Analogous to singing-along to a backing-track …

If there is not enough silence on the “native” track you can generate some in a copy of it.

Thank you Trebor,

As you’ve probably guessed I am totally new to Audacity and to audio editing so thank you for your prompt response which is very encouraging to my inquiry and endeavours and for your very helpful advice which has set me on whole new world of discovery, learning and experimentation.

All the best.