Replaying labels x-times


I am using Audacity 2.0.4 on Windows 7.

What I am doing is annotating and transcribing a radio audition. I’m not doing in Audacity but I use the software for selecting interwals, looping them and doing my thing in a text editor. It’s all going well, although I would like to make my life a bit easier and more comfortable.
Is it possible in Audacity to:

  1. Create labels (I know the Analyze->Regular Interwal Labels feature) of regular length, let’s say, 5 seconds and
  2. Make it replay, let’s say, 5 times and
  3. Make it, then, proceed to the next label/selected audio fragment
  4. with the possibility of going back to the previous one or the next one with a click of a button?

Thank you all for your replies,
Best regards,

I don’t know how you would automate this, but there is Transport > Loop Play. Anything you select will play repeatedly until you stop it. You may be able to set up a series of regions and switch that way.


If the yellow focus border is in the label track and the label is open for editing (white background)
then you can use TAB to move to the next label and SHIFT + TAB to move to the previous label.

However to use Loop Play the labels would have to define a region rather than a point. There are ways to do it - a plug-in called Audio Chunker (attached) would split the track into sections separated by silence, then you would use Analyze > Sound Finder to create a region label for each block of sound.

But to automate this you want to use AutoHotKey or some program like that.