hi whats the easiest way to install replaygain?I I tried to install it via the manuel but I cant make hid nor hair of it…


Copy it into your Plug-Ins folder.

Click Effects, Manage, and enable ReplayGain.

Then, it’s hiding under Analyze, instead of with the other effects.

ok where would the plug in folder be?im not really to computer literate about this stuff…


Which version of Replaygain do you have? Where did you get it from?

that’s just it red about but never actually had it…

You can get Steve’s ReplayGain plug-in here:

The plug-ins folder is an audacity sub-folder. [u]This page[/u] should help you find-it. Or, search your hard drive for “Plug-Ins”.

Copy ReplayGain.ny into the Plug-Ins folder. (You may see some other .ny effects in that folder.)

Depending on what you are doing, alternatively you may want to try [u]WaveGain[/u], or [u]MP3Gain[/u]. These both make “permanent” changes to your file similar to editing with Audacity.

Or your player application may have Replay Gain built-in, or if you are using iTunes or an iPod/iPhone Apple’s Sound Check is similar. In this case the actual volume of the file isn’t altered, but the volume adjustment is made at playback-time.

No, It’s a process plug-in with an integrated analyze option.
Hence, it appears in the usual Effects menu.


ok do u have a download link for replaygain?


ok do u have a download link for replaygain?

I gave you the link above. Here it is again:

In my Audacity, it’s under the Analyze tab so you might have to check both places.