Replay recording

As an oldie and newbie my question may be a bit simple. I have made a recording with microphone and backing music but cannot get the two to play simultaneously i.e. start together. I do not need to split the tracks. Any help please?

“An Oldie Newbie.” That’s good. Can I use that?

It depends on how you made the song. If you did it with overdubbing techniques, the two are already on separate tracks and you just need to select each one for effects or filtering — or timing with the Time Shift Tool.

When you export your song, Audacity will smash everything together into one sound file.

If, however, you have an external mixer and you mixed playback from Audacity with your live voice. You’re dead. You can’t split those up any more.

What did you do?


Hi Koz, I made trombone recording with microphone and then added music track for background but when I replay the trombone track starts just after back music and of course I need them to start together. Lenny

Select the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows), click on your early track (too far to the left) and push it to the right. Play it to see how you did. Move it again, etc.

The normal selector tool is the “I Bar” when you get done pushing the timing around.

You are going to run into the overload problem with two or more tracks. When you get done filtering, balancing, etc, Mix and Render the song to one single sound track.

Do the volume corrections on that so it doesn’t get crunchy when you make the CD or whatever you’re going to do with it. Audacity will withstand some distortion and overload with no trouble, but that magic goes away when you export your song out of Audacity. The Export has to be perfect and correct.

After you get done with all that, select your hero, perfect track (click just above Mute) and File > Export Selected. If you just select File > Export, you will get The Whole World (all your tracks) smashed into one song. You’ll know when you did that wrong because even the dog won’t listen to it.


Thanks Koz, I have messed up the original recording so will make new one and use your advice. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks for help. Lenny

Update, It works Koz thanks again Lenny