replay last 5 seconds

how do i replay the last few (ie 5) seconds of a recording?

Assuming that you have stopped the recording; Click on the track 5 seconds before the end of the track and click the Play button (or press the space bar).

You may find it useful to work through one or more of these “getting started” tutorials:

i can see i need to make my question clearer …
after i stop a recording, and want to replay the last few seconds,
when i place the cursor on the time line below where the green triangle is,
above the vertical line that indicates the audio time position on the recording,
and i try to pick a time to replay that is a few seconds in the past
i can’t get close enough to the vertical line to pick out just a few seconds - say 5
the mouse pointer turns into either a horizontal arrow with two ends, or a vertical bar
so i have to move to a time that is say 30 seconds in the past in order for the cursor to return to an arrow form

is there a way to set a replay time
and then hit one “Button”
to trigger the replay for the set time?

Several ways you can do that:

  1. Zoom in so that “5 seconds” is more than a gnat’s whisker
  2. Press the End key (moves the cursor to the end of the track, then press the “,” (comma) key to move back 1 second for each press.

For other methods, see:

this will save me alot of time and frustration
great product …

If the mouse pointer is changing shape simply as you move about withing the waveform, you may have inadvertently set “Multi-tool Mode” (the bottom right of the tools in the Tools Toolbar). You will probably find it easier to make selections with the Selection Tool (top left in the Tools Toolbar).