Replacing section of wav file

Hi, I’m new to audacity so was wondering if someone could give me some advice? I’ve recorded an hour long mix of music as a wav file and would like to replace one of the transitions between two of the tracks with a re-recording of that section (my first attempt was a bit clunky!). It’s near the beginning so I assume I could cut away the start of the file and then replace it with the new piece of file - as long as I join it in the exact right location and make a seamless join. Is this possible and if so how do I do it? Thanks.

Put the replacement underneath and make a crossfade.


Thanks Gale. If I wanted to join the new recording with the old recording at a selected place could I do so without cross fade? Basically my original recording is of 12 tracks, each mixed into each other. I’ve made another recording just of the first track and the mix into the second (because that’s the mix I’m not happy with). I’d like to create the join after the first transition (mix section), perhaps a couple of phrases into the second track. Hope this makes sense??

If you’ve made another recording that should already be in its own track. The two tracks are mixed when you press Play to listen to your crossfade or when you export, but if you prefer you can select both tracks after crossfade then Tracks > Mix and Render to make them into one track.

If you prefer to do it with copy and paste you can, but it’s less flexible to do it that way. Use Z (Edit > Find Zero Crossings) after selecting the region in the replacement track. So:

  1. Align the tracks precisely
  2. Select the replacement audio in the track for the new recording
  3. Z
  4. Copy
  5. Press ENTER on your computer keyboard, UP arrow, ENTER.
  6. Paste.

If you hear a click at the joins, zoom right in, select the click and use Envelope Tool to do a fast fade out.