Replacing Audio Track (but keeping the edits)

Hi, I’m editing my podcast and accidentally used a lower quality audio track for one of the members (there are three audio tracks total). I’ve already finished editing the podcast and just found the higher quality audio track but if I just copy and paste it in, it will be out of sync with the other tracks.

I think it’s a long shot but is there any way to replace the bad quality track with the good quality track (exact same length recording) and keep all the editing (ie. the bits I’ve cut out) as I put days of work into the episode and don’t have time to start from scratch.

I’m really new to using the program and would really appreciate the advice, even if it’s just to say that it’s not possible. Thank you!

When you edit in Audacity, the changes are applied to audio immediately as you do them. To apply those same edits to new audio, you would have to redo the edits to that track.

How bad is the “lower quality audio track”?

Ah okay, thanks anyway.

It’s… pretty bad. Sounds like talking to someone on the phone with bad reception. But I’ll just put the episode up anyway, I think you can still understand it.

Perhaps you could mitigate the situation “theatrically” with some creative editing:
“and tonight we are joined by Pete, on location in (somewhere far away). Hello Pete, can you hear me…”