Replace original audio track with other track

Hi to all,

I’d kindly like to ask if you can address me for complete following task:
I’ve about 70 audio tracks mp3 that contain audio recording of events.

I’m using Audacity 2.0.1

My goal is to replace this track with a dummy audio track with backround music and a voice that sys : “original audio has been replaced”.

I’ve been able to complete the generation of dummy audio track, I’ve create an audio track of 30mins with backroung music and repeated voice.

What I’d like to ask is if you can suggest me a quick way for complete second step, replace every original audio track with a slice of specific length of dummy audio track generated.

For better explain what I need, I write an example:
I’ve file my_audio.mp3 of 130 secs lenght
I’ve bg_with_voice.mp3 of 30 mins length
I’d like to create another file eg: /edited/my_audio.mp3 that contains first 130 secs of bg_with_voice.mp3

I’ve to iterate this process for all 70 files.

Thank you very much for your help


So are all the 70 “my_audio.mp3” files of different lengths? You want to replace all the “my_audio.mp3” files with as much of the starting audio of “bg_with_voice.mp3” as the length of each “my_audio.mp3”?

Or do you want to mix “my audio” and “bg_with_voice” into one track so that the new file contains the “audio” mixed with the “bg and voice” (up to the length of the “my_audio” file)?

If you want to replace the audio of the 70 “my_audio” files with “bg_with_voice”, and the “my_audio” files are of different lengths, then you’ll have to write a script to detect the length of each “my audio” file, then using some command-line audio program (perhaps SoX ) iterate the script on “bg_with_voice” to produce 70 copies of “bg_with_voice” each with the required length.

Unless you are already skilled at scripts I wouldn’t bother, do it manually in Audacity, file by file.

1 Import the “bg_with_voice” file into Audacity then import the first “my_audio” file underneath.
2 Immediately after importing the first “my_audio” file, hit ENTER on your keyboard, press up arrow on your keyboard then ENTER again - this moves a selection the length of the “my_audio” file into the “bg_with_voice” track.
3 Edit > Copy.
4 ENTER, down arrow, ENTER to move the selection back into “my_audio”.
5 Edit > Paste.
6 File > Export your new “my_audio” file containing the contents of “bg_with_voice”.