Replace Equalization in Macro


I have a simple script to post-process voice recordings. The script contains two lines using the Equalizer:

Equalization:CurveName="Bass Boost" FilterLength="4001" InterpolateLin="0" InterpolationMethod="B-spline"
Equalization:CurveName="Treble Boost" FilterLength="4001" InterpolateLin="0"

With the Equalizer being the removed the commands are no longer recognized.

Is there an easy way to replace them with commands using the new filters?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards

For “Bass Boost” and “Treble Boost” you can use either “Graphic EQ” or “Filter Curve” (both have these presets available).

Open the Macro Editor (“Tools menu > Macros…”)
Select the macro that you want to modify.
Add either “Graphic EQ” or “Filter Curve” next to the Equalization command.
Remove the Equalization command.