Replace audio track from video file, but keep voiceover

I have a bunch of video files that contain an audio track, and the audio track contains a copyrighted song with voiceover. In order to use these videos appropriately, I need to replace the copyrighted song with something royalty free, but I need to keep the voiceover. Is this even possible?

Generally, no. You can’t un-mix audio. Of course, you can isolate the left & right channels and there are a couple of tricks you can do with the “phantom” center channel, but that’s about it.

Your best bet is probably to re-record the voice-over.

And of course Audacity is an audio editor. You’ll have to use your video editor to combine your new or editied audio with the video.

NOTE - If the music is “incidental”, such as music being played through the PA at a sporting event, there is usually a copyright exemption.

Thanks for the response. I kind of expected that the only method would be to re-record the voiceover with a different song. Thought I’d ask though, in case it could be done :slight_smile: