Replace a cable?

I have Audacity and a super use cassette capture. One of the leads is missing. The headphones are there, but not the two-pronged connector cable. Where can I get a replacement? Thanks!

Sorry, what’s cable is missing?

Do you have a link to exactly what you bought? (Your gizmo may have come with Audacity but Audacity doesn’t make hardware.)

Did it come with headphones? Usually headphones have a permanently-attached cable with a [u]3.5mm “mini phono plug”[/u] (permanently attached).

It may have also come with a USB cable.

This is a FOCE model. It came with separate headphones, the Audacity disc (which has no number). No USB cable. I can’t find the brand online. I looked over my Amazon orders for 2020 and 2019 and it’s not there. I’ll try to find the website I ordered it from.

Actually, the brand looks more like F@ C E. The cable that goes into the device has a tiny opening. I tried a mini-cable but that was too big. It’s the cable that attaches to the actual computer. Thanks for trying to help!

Hi -

By searching through a TON of specs for these devices, I managed to find what cable I need, 5V DC USB. There are versions with up to 8 heads, so that’s what I’m going to buy.

Thanks so much!!