Repetitive tick noise in exported mp3 and wav files

Hi. First time on the forum although I’ve been using Audacity in spurts for many years. I am a big Who collector and use it to edit my tapes.
I used Audacity to record a cassette tape of an old Pete Townshend show. After I cut out the tuning up and songs I didn’t want, I added labels, normalized and noised reduced.

Then I exported the 18 separate tracks as mp3’s. When listening to each an every one, there is a rhythmic “tic, tic, tic, tic” that ruins the cut completely. I treid to export in wav formatl, and I get the same thing. When I listen to the songs within the Audacity program itself, it sounds perfect.

Any ideas on what has happened and what I can do about it?


Dave Schwartz, Commack, NY


Couldn’t resist.

How are you listening to them outside of Audacity?

Does this tick?
It’s very short. That was produced in Audacity.

Post two seconds or so of the damage here.


How do I post the music clip?

Koz, I exported again on a new day and the clips seem OK. Thanks for your interest. But for the future, how do I post clips onto the forum and what is the proper length of the clip?