repeated single note rather than actual recording

After successfully transfering 30 tapes to Mac 10.6.8, the last (mid tape) switched to da-da-da-da… only. Now only records single note repeated no matter which tape I put in the machine.

Will it let you stop recording and close Audacity after that happens?

How is the tape machine connected to the Mac? What’s the model number of the tape machine?

As a first pass, close Audacity, unplug the USB and replug it several times. Restart the Mac and then restart Audacity. Still have problems?

If this an older Mac that you upgraded or is it a new Mac?


Thanks so much!
I used a different usb port and restarted the Mac (5 yr old leopard updated to snow leopard). It seems to be recording well now. The model # is BR602. Restarting Audacity wasn’t enough to help before. Can you tell me what the two buttons above the play button do? (DIR and 3 horizontal U’s)
Thanks again!

Probably Skip to the Start and Skip to the End of the project. See here .