Repeated posts approval requirement; Audacity version

Hello. Just a quick question about the forums while I’m waiting for my main Audacity question post approved.
I was sure it’s a one time thing, but it appears I repeatedly need my posts approved by a moderator before they’re viewed, is there a way to validate?

Another little question, following reading the ‘IMPORTANT BUG FIX’ thread, how can I tell what version of Audacity I currently have installed?

Posts from new forum users need to be validated by a moderator before they go live. Our moderators delete hundreds of spam posts each week because, as a very active forum, it is highly attractive to spammers and scammers. This restriction goes away after a while (provided that you don’t post spam :wink:)

Windows and Linux: “Help menu > About Audacity”
MacOS: “Audacity menu > About Audacity”

Thanks! :slight_smile: