repeated crashing

Hi, I’m new to Audacity. I like it, but I get caught in this loop of a debug report showing up and crashing Audacity. I have to force quit and reopen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, and it was fine for a while, but it’s happening again. Crash report is attached. Any advice? Thanks much! (9.88 KB)

There was another poster who arrived with crashing Audacity. It’s not the bug report, by the way. That’s like blaming the factory fire on the newspaper reporter who showed up to cover it. The crash is causing the report.

Repeated crashing is pretty serious and as I recall, they experienced spinning pinwheels. That’s a super serious system problem. That’s not even Audacity any more.

Of course, now I can’t find it.


Don’t open projects directly from dropbox.
If you have a project on dropbox, copy it to a normal folder first, and verify the integrity of the project. Having checked that the copied project is complete and has no corruption, then open it.

There are several ways to verify the integrity of a project. Probably the easiest (though not quite foolproof) way is to archive the entire project (.AUP and _data) as a ZIP archive before sending to dropbox. If a ZIP archive is incomplete or has any corruption, it is likely to throw an error when you attempt to extract it.

If none of the above makes sense to you, then fall back on the simple version - don’t use dropbox (or other remote storage) for projects.

Cool, I will not use dropbox and see if that works, thanks!