Repeated crashes of macro in Audacity 3.5.0

For years, I have been using a simple macro that normalizes amplitude and saves a file as mp3, where I “apply macro to files”, selecting a list of files. It has functioned fine forever, but today… I updated to 3.5.0 (Windows 10), and now it repeatedly hangs up. The first time it actually crashed, and tried to send a crash report but Audacity determined that it could not send a crash report (no explanation). I noticed that in each case it was attempting to discard some project history , and in the most recent event it also detected something about “tempo” in a file, and wanted to know if I wanted to change the project tempo. Problem is, the notification about discarding history was the top window and no other windows were accessible, so I could not tell it “No I don’t care about tempo and please don’t ask again”; there is no button “don’t bother with project history”; there doesn’t seem to be any option “just do this macro silently”.

The only remedy seems to be to slay the program from the Task Manager and start again. It handles about 80 files before it hangs up (these are all recorded speech, appr. 500 msc duration, and there are about 1,000 of them). Before I dial back to an earlier version, is there some solution to this problem, for example a “don’t interrupt” option, or a “no history” option that would be useful for file-processing macro?

I don’t know if it will help, but there are options in “Preferences > Import/Export > Music Imports”. You could try setting that to “Do Nothing”.

I tried that but to no avail. But downgrading to 3.4.2 solved the problem: of course that means no more upgrades for me. :frowning_face:

Try with this version: leaked progress dialog window fix · audacity/audacity@2e96177 · GitHub (you’ll need a github account to download the artifacts at the bottom of the page)

That is one of the fixes which will be included in 3.5.1, and which should solve that issue.